Other BIAM services:

The agency offers additional services besides the artistic representation.

1. Artistic Consulting

PERSONAL EVALUATION MEETING with the General Director of the Agency where the artists can ask all the questions they could have about the music career such as:

  • Can I live from my art?
  • How can I start my carreer?
  • Which repertoire should I sing?
  • Can I make a private audition for the agency?
  • I am interested in working in theatre management. What could you advice.
  • Should I adapt my goal to a new situation?
  • Teaching, coaching, technic, repertoire. How to avoid the current mistakes.
  • Marketing and PR: how can I boost my career?
  • Agencies:  how do the agencies work, how can I find an agent? How much are the commissions?
  • Website: Do I need a website? Could you help me to make mine? How much should it cost?
  • Digital marketing? Twitter? Facebook? 
  • Legal, fiscal & administrative aspects of this artistic carreer.
2. Communication and public relations
  • Design, creating and managing website.
  • Consulting and advice of digital marketing and social networks
  • Image and communication advice


3. Public and private events organization
  • Concerts for public or private companies or institutions
  • Artistic project management