Personal Evaluation Meeting

We are always happy to provide information and advice to all artists who contact us.

As we receive lots of request of artists, the agency has developed an Artistic Consulting Service called PERSONAL EVALUATION MEETING in which the artists can talk directly with Marc Mazythe director of the agency, with more than 25 years’ experience in the opera & classical music industry.

Previously to this evaluation meeting, Mr Mazy will listen to your material and so will be able to give you a professional feed back on your work and to answer the doubts about the professional aspects of the career.

Our experience prove that such meeting is very helpful for the artists, allow them to ask any questions they could have and help them to give a direction to their career and avoid mistake in a very complicated professional environment.

Please, if you would like to organise a PERSONAL EVALUATION MEETING with Mr Mazy, contact in this email:







• Duration: 30 minutes.

• Languages: French, English, Spanish, German and Dutch.

• Cost: 100€ + 21% VAT.